Florian Bugs Stuntrider

Florian Caraminot, 35, has been practicing stunt riding for 20 years on scooters, at a very high level. He is distinguished by his style and the cleanliness of his sequences. Born in Limoges, he is addicted to the thrills brought to him by any motor vehicle and has been an atypical rider since he was 14 years old. Whether on one, two or four wheels, his primary passion is to divert the normal use of these vehicles and test their limits.

Joining the Bluroc Army allows him to show what can be done with a quality 125CC when pushed to the limit. This is what he had to say: “It’s an honor for me to join the Bluroc Army because I am very attached to the philosophy which is to have fun on a two-wheeler regardless of the cubic capacity”.