the Bluroc Army

We have thus created the “BLUROC ARMY”, bringing together experts in two wheels as well as enthusiasts of our rock ‘n’ roll universe, with a single objective: to show you that size does not always matter… The beginning of a family of athletes who all share our brand values: authenticity, fun, creativity and family.

It has its first two experienced riders, both experts in their disciplines (off-road/stunt on-road), motorcycle enthusiasts for years. They were able to show that starting from nothing you can touch the stars and realize your wildest dreams.

These are two people, humanly, very inspiring and who deserve to be known. Among the best of their sports, they find themselves today around a common project: to democratize the use of small displacements, regardless of the terrain.

As for us, we are more than happy to be able to lend them a hand with our “small” 125CC machines, which they will “strike” with the ambition of continuing to gain in reliability and performance. They will also both participate in the testing, modification and development of your motorcycles of tomorrow to allow you to ride with the best possible quality, always without breaking the bank.

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Greg Gilson, 36 years old and born in Champagne-Ardenne, has more than 20 years of experience in off-road. He is a champion in this field. Indeed, Greg won the Indonesia Enduro Rally Championship in 2020, his objective is to democratize the use of small displacements in the off-road in 125CC. Moreover, he created his brand “Small CC Savage” to dress eccentric off-road riders whose motto is “small displacement, big fun”!

The partnership with BLUROC was therefore obvious to him: “Bluroc is just perfect because they manufacture inexpensive, reliable and simple motorcycles. The perfect cocktail to make adventure accessible to as many people as possible”.

Florian Caraminot, 35, has been practicing stunt riding for 20 years on scooters, at a very high level. He is distinguished by his style and the cleanliness of his sequences. Born in Limoges, he is addicted to the thrills brought to him by any motor vehicle and has been an atypical rider since he was 14 years old. Whether on one, two or four wheels, his primary passion is to divert the normal use of these vehicles and test their limits.

Joining the Bluroc Army allows him to show what can be done with a quality 125CC when pushed to the limit. This is what he had to say: “It’s an honor for me to join the Bluroc Army because I am very attached to the philosophy which is to have fun on a two-wheeler regardless of the cubic capacity”.

Marion “Surfista”, 33, is the only female surfboard shaper in France and when she is not busy cultivating her craft, or exhibiting her boards in all the French Faguo shops, she rides her Legend 125 to browse the Basque side. A real rocker, and the kind of women we’re proud to represent on our team.